All Roads Lead to Bearwood

All Roads Lead to Bearwood (June 2019) was an interactive, playful performance with original music, movement and stories inspired by interviews with the local community in Bearwood, which is due west of Birmignham City by about 4 miles. Audience members were asked to join in games and enjoy performances across five festival sites – there were over 8,000 people in attendance on the day! The challenge was to collect a sticker from each performance location and solve the secret word of the day (spoiler, it was Belong). There may even have been chocolates in one of our games….

St Mary’s Church Yard
Help our high street shoppers complete their towering balance act and you’ll be rewarded with a song.

Bearwood Primary School Playground
Skiving students, skateboards, fish & chips and an obstacle course – It’s a typical day at school.

Forest School in Calthorpe Haven
Celebrate Bearwood’s beautiful parks by joining our adventures for woodland exploration and unusual surprises.

Bearwood Chapel
Welcome to our sanctuary, where all are warmly welcomed for craft and a sensory story about the famous Bearwood Hole.

Calthorpe Haven
All singing, all dancing finale of Spectra’s All Roads lead to Bearwood. We’ll have games to play, a secret word to reveal and chocolate to give away.

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