Fierce and joyful performance, authentic collaboration, adventure, connection and loving challenge to cultivate a world that celebrates brains that work in different ways. 


performance company that brings fresh fire to the creation of theatre: sparked by an alliance of extraordinary imaginations, producing interactive adventures that call on all of the audience’s senses to imagine intensely positive possibilities.

Responsive projects with a wide range of partners that celebrate equity in shared creation, exceptional creativity, the growth challenge brings, reflection, and the joy of performance and connection in their myriad guises.

Training and advocacy that gives our vision breadth, provokes and supports change, and subverts preconceptions.


Always a learning environment in which curiosity is treasured, reflection is integral, loving challenge is fostered, and growth is shared.

Always accessible, actively seeking to welcome, include and support.

Always performance based because our work is about connection – not just within our own immediate community, but in reaching out to others – and because our ambitions for quality in performance raise the quality of our creative processes.

Always collaborative, where sharing and learning are celebrated and contribution to a common purpose creates an outcome greater than its component parts.

Always seeking adventure and the true nature of experimentation.

What People Say

‘Spectra has been important to me because it lets me show people what I can do. It lets us show off our talents. I don’t like change and I’m adapting to other people’s abilities and meeting new people with different abilities and getting used to them, which is a good thing.’ – Spectra Participant

Spectra Participant

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