Eat the Stars

Six ingredients, that’s all it takes. Six ingredients to make the stars, your sandwich, goats, flowers and you. Well, six and a little shake of this and that. In Eat the Stars you’ll use all your senses to triumph in a game of extraordinary imagination, whimsy and fun. We are all made of stardust after all.

This performance takes place along a guided trail with short walks on wheelchair-friendly paths. You will be immersed in a world of captivating sight, sound, smell, touch and taste. This is an all ages show that is accessible to everyone.

All Roads Lead to Bearwood

All Roads Lead to Bearwood (June 2019) was an interactive, playful performance with original music, movement and stories inspired by interviews with the local community in Bearwood, which is due west of Birmingham City by about 4 miles. Audience members were asked to join in games and enjoy performances across five festival sites – there were over 8,000 people in attendance on the day! The challenge was to collect a sticker from each performance location and solve the secret word of the day (spoiler, it was Belong). There may even have been chocolates in one of our games….

I am Me, We are Kindred

With trademark whimsy and intense positivity, this May 2018 show saw Spectra return with a new adventure for all the senses. All ages and abilities were welcomed as we set off on an extraordinary journey to find out whether you can be you and still be part of your crew. Is it only what we have in common that binds us?


In May 2018, with partners Open Theatre Company and MotherShip, Spectra hosted a symposium that aimed to defy perceptions and provoke change. Attached to a performance of I am Me. We are Kindred., this was a day of engaging, impactful enquiry and action that sought to increase programming of performances by learning disabled artists. 

Hanging in the Balance

Hanging in the Balance was performed at MAC Birmingham in May 2017. Our audiences were invited to delve into a mystical world of enchanting sights, sounds, tastes, smells and things to do. With our world hanging in the balance, they joined our courageous characters on an adventure through the MAC, enjoying delicious nibbles, mesmerising music, delightful dance and fantastic action while they endeavoured to bring the elements back into harmony.


In May 2016, we invited audiences to come along on a beautiful beast of a multi-sensory promenade, immersive performance experience made by a mixed community and professional cast. The audience was invited to taste, feel, see, smell and hear their way on a daring quest through Cannon Hill Park. With the help of Spectra’s intrepid guides, they delved into an adventure to seek their treasure and marvel at the delights that awaited them in the arena.