Meet the Artists

Poppy Mae Barrett

Performing Artist

I have worked with Spectra since studying Performing Arts at Queen Alexandra College. I have performed in Seek/Find, Manifest, Hanging in the Balance, I am Me. We are Kindred., and All Roads Lead to Bearwood. Previously, I have done TV work: I have been on “Call the Midwife” and I met some of other actresses and actors. I got talking to my on-screen boyfriend Reggie – the man that plays him is really nice and we keep in touch. Apart from “Call the Midwife,” I have also had some extra work on “The A word,” “Doctors” and “Hollyoaks.” I have been up close to the main characters on Hollyoaks, it was a great experience. 

An interesting fact about me: so you know me as a well-known actress and the interesting fact about me is that I like getting to know people really quickly and I like making good friends with people I don’t know. 

Paul Carroll

Performing Artist & Musical Director

I am a drummer, composer and producer who also plays guitar and keyboards and sings (and perhaps you could say dances)! I have been working collaboratively with members of diverse communities like Spectra for 16 years. I perform in bands around Birmingham as well as alongside participants of community projects, often run by Quench Arts. I sometimes write and record on my own but much more often with other people. Frequently working in healthcare settings, I aim to enable people to experience the enjoyment and reward of music making where there is least opportunity. And through nurturing transferable skills I work to help develop learning and optimism for the future.

An interesting fact about me: I can sing two octaves above middle C.

Joe Clixby

Performing Artist

I’ve been working with Spectra since September 2019 and Eat the Stars is my first Spectra show. My family has always had a connection to the performing arts, so it seems like I’ve been doing it in some form all my life. Since I was 11 I’ve been acting, singing, reading poems and playing music with Festival Arts, a theatre company run by my family that performs shows in St David’s. I studied guitar and live performance at University in Bristol for three years at BIMM university. I love to play live music in any style I can.

An interesting fact about me: I was recently on crutches for two weeks after dancing (or moon stomping) too hard whilst playing a ska gig.

Luke Greenwoood

Performing Artist

I’ve worked with Spectra since it began in 2013, so six years. I performed in the first show, called Spectra, as well as Top of the Evening, Hanging in the Balance, at the Creative Minds Conference, and in All Roads Lead to Bearwood. My previous experience includes:

  • Performing Arts Course at Queen Alexandra College – my favourite shows were Christmas Carrol (Scrooge), Addams Family (Uncle Foster)
  • Musical Theatre at South Staffordshire College
  • I’ve performed with Open Theatre in several shows, including a tour of ‘Hansel and Gretel’, ‘Over the Rainbow’ and a few films
  • ‘Blank Canvas’ with Alternative Voices in association with Open Theatre
  • I’m also a part of a physical comedy duo called Juke and Lake, which performs regularly.

An interesting fact about me: I like vintage – 1940’s and 50’s.

Hayley Guest

Performing Artist & Movement Director

I have been working as a Dance and Movement Artist with Spectra since 2016, performing in Seek/Find, Hanging in the Balance, I am Me. We Are Kindred. and All Roads Lead to Bearwood. 

I have worked as a Community Dance Artist since graduating from Coventry University in 2004. I love working with people from all walks of life, to help them express themselves through movement and find new ways of moving their bodies! I started my career at Dudley Performing Arts, delivering workshops in schools, colleges, youth centres, care homes and more! In 2006 I took the role of Dance Artist in Residence at Solihull Arts Complex as part of the DAiR To.. project with DanceXchange. Through this I had the privilege to be part of a professional touring show, and I continued to deliver dance workshops to a wide range of community groups across the midlands. I love working with Spectra as it brings together all the skills I’ve developed throughout my career and allows me to work collaboratively with wonderful musicians and performers.

An interesting fact about me: I love growing vegetables and have started a veggie patch in my garden this year. I had a successful harvest of strawberries, onions and tomatoes, and a courgette fatter than my leg!

Jess Hakin

Performing Artist

I’ve been working with Spectra since 2018 and took part in ‘All Roads Lead to Bearwood’ at the Bearwood Street Festival 2019 before working on Eat the Stars. I studied BA English and Theatre at the University of Sheffield, and took part in lots of shows, musicals and theatre projects there. In Birmingham, I’ve worked with other companies such as Women & Theatre and Open Theatre, focusing mainly on drama and theatre with people with SEND/on the autism spectrum. Over the past few summers I have performed with Festival Arts in musical family shows such as Alice in Wonderland and The Wizard of Oz, and open air Shakespeare plays including Macbeth and A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

An interesting fact about me: I made a (brief) appearance on Blue Peter when I was in Year 3!

Robin Jax

Performing Artist & Board Member

I am a Spectra first timer! I perform music as a solo performer as RobinPlaysChords and in the transatlantic Autistic duo The Companions. I run Tiergarten Records, a record label for neurodiverse artists, and advocate for neurodiverse individuals in the music industry, based on experience I had working for the Coventry-based label Tin Angel. I have also performed in larger multi-disciplinary shows by the Birmingham-based organisation Room Art and Wolfgang Buttress’ BE Music (the latter also involved singing with 50,000 bees).

An interesting fact about me: I can sing and read in Ukrainian without actually being able to speak it.

Vicky Taylor

Performing Artist

I have been working with Spectra since summer 2018. I have only been in one Spectra show before Eat the Stars, which was All Roads Lead to Bearwood in June 2019. I have been part of 71 productions mostly as an actor, but I didn’t start professional acting until 2018. I work mostly now with Open Theatre Company but have also performed at Birmingham REP, Birmingham Opera Company, Work in Progress, Midlands Arts Centre and have starred in several films for Birmingham Hippodrome. I have a BA(hons) in drama and I am currently doing a PhD on the Impact of Theatre on the Neurodiverse Population.

An interesting fact about me: I am a World Judo Champion having fought as part of the Great Britain squad in 2001. I came third in the world.

Tyrone Williams

Performing Artist

I have worked with Spectra for 3-4 years on Seek/Find, Manifest, Hanging in the Balance, I am Me. We are Kindred., and the All Roads Lead to Bearwood. I took part in performing arts at Queen Alexandra College with other students doing Christmas shows; I was one of the Men in Black, Robin Hood, and in Pirates of the Currybean I was Captain Cod.

An interesting fact about me: As well as performing in shows, I compete regularly in Athletics I have competed internationally in the CPISRA world Games in Nottingham and Barcelona for Team England. I achieved the Gold Medal in the Javelin and Silver in Shot put in 2015 and Bronze Medal in the Javelin in 2018.

Kaye Winwood

Kaye Winwood Projects, Sensory Designer

I have been working with Spectra since 2016 (Seek/Find 2016; Hanging in the Balance 2017; I am Me. We are Kindred. 2018, Eat the Stars 2019)

I have over 20 years experience as an Arts Professional specialising in visual art, food, moving image and performance. I produce a range of extraordinary experiences to sate the most curious of appetites. In 2016 I applied the term ‘Expanded Dining’ to reflect my ‘beyond the plate’ approach to dining experiences, and in 2018 I was awarded a Feeney Fellowship (2018-19) during which have been harnessing new working methods and processes to reimagine the creative potential of food and eating; including casting, moulding, 3D printing and molecular gastronomy.

I am a studio holder at Grand Union Studios in Birmingham’s Digbeth area, and an Honorary Research Associate at the University of Birmingham. Since 2016 I have peer reviewed the online journal FEAST.  I have had the pleasure of working with some incredible organisations including ArtLoop (Sopot, Poland), Barbican Art Gallery (London), Birmingham City University, Birmingham Hippodrome, Blanch & Shock Food Design (London), Capsule/Supersonic (Birmingham), Flatpack Film Festival (Birmingham), Ikon Gallery (Birmingham), La Grenouillere (Montreuil-sur-Mer, France) Mac (Birmingham), Steinbeisser (Netherlands),  University of Birmingham, Vivid Projects (Birmingham).

An interesting fact about me: When I was studying for my degree in Fine Art I was commissioned to photograph Richard Attenborough.  I really wish I had kept the negatives (yes it was film)!

Louise Worrall

Set & Costume Designer

I studied Fine Art – Painting & Printmaking at the Glasgow School of Art and then completed my MA in Performance Design at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama. Recently I have worked on the Federation project at the Watermill Theatre and with the Young Company at the Theatre Royal Plymouth.

An interesting fact about me: I was born in Belgium.

Alex Herring

Gadget Designer

I am a freelance Theatre designer, specialising in set, costume and puppetry. I also perform and devise new and innovative work, drawing influence from Clown, Fire Poi, Site Specific Performance, and Digital Multimedia Experimentation. I represent a new generation of theatre-makers – whose purpose is to create work that inspires, provokes and unites communities.

Performing for and working with children is my passion and I finds my energy and enthusiasm offers a fresh perspective to old ideas. Fun and imagination are key to my aesthetic, as well as a fascination with stars and galaxies – which has made working on ‘Eat The Stars’ an out of this world experience.

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